Yashica EZ F521

Not many digital cameras capture my imagination. Mostly they’re cookie-cutter and very boring. Their output looks the same: bland and soulless- in short, digital. But every once in awhile a throwback design (some might say pander) comes along and – however briefly – tickles the fancy. Earlier this year it was the Olympus E-P1. A short while later it was the Leica X1 (the Leica M9, with its USD $6,995 street price – body only, natch – need not apply). Now, perhaps most promisingly yet, comes the Yashica EZ F521 (already being billed as the digital Holga) with a very appealing price tag of ¥8,000.

One can only hope its output does some justice to its legendary Chinese-made forebearer, although I personally think it bears more resemblance – at least from a design perspective – to the equally venerable Canon AF35ML.

Oh, and at this rate, I’m already looking forward to the digital Lomo and digital Minox. Camera manufacturers, get crackin’…

Addendum (11/10/09). Watch this. Pretty much everything you need to know/could ask for:

– Gyro

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  1. that is very cool. Digital Minox cameras are very cool, especially those tiny ones that you can hold in the palm of your hand…mega small. I bought a LEICA D-LUX3 a few months ago from a fashion photographer in Tribeca and it’s really done the job quite well…and really charms me with its design and features.

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