Porsche is on the Youtubes.

Just discovered this, and have yet to slog through everything. So let’s just start with a favorite:

Rather depressingly, 993 C4 and C4S prices continue to remain high, to the point where I believe 996s actually make a better value (perhaps even a much better value). Still, the 993 is the last aircooled 911 and quite possibly the last truly iconic 911, which doesn’t appear to be lost on collectors and enthusiasts (who have driven the market up accordingly).

I always thought I needed the safety net of AWD to get behind the wheel of a 911, but after viewing the above, I think I could probably set my sights “lower” (cue raucous laughter) and look at a 993 C2 or C2S. Which, after viewing the above, should suit me just fine.

More Youtubes here.

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on October 7, 2009.

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