Mad Cali…

Gyro got me into watching AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ a while back.  At first, I was in love with it, just like it’s written in  Then I realized, I wasn’t in love with the characters, because they end up pissing me off, I was in love with the style of the era, smoking and drinking in the office, suiting up, having ‘real’ secretaries and what not.

Someone else told me about another show, ‘Californication.’  As much as I hate California, I love the show, at least season 1 so far.  By the way, I don’t get into things until way later, I’m a sort of television drama late adopter.

Then it got me thinking Don Draper vs. Hank Moody, who would I rather be.  Hands down, Hank Moody.

Quick Comparo:

Buick vs Porsche, Hank Wins.

Creative Director vs Writer turned Blogger, Hank Wins.

NYC vs. LA, Don Wins – but he lives in LI, so barely.

Inattentive Father vs. Bad Influence but Loving Father, Hank Wins.

3 to 1 in favor of Hank.  The guy says what he wants, deep down inside, he possesses goodness, and while he may not take care of his convertible 911, he still rocks a 911…

-Miss Ra

~ by velofinds on October 6, 2009.

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  1. Hmm.. you forgot to compare the women 🙂

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