“It warms the trimmings, removes the fat in a centrifuge and treats the remaining product with ammonia to kill E. coli.”  In a recent article posted by NYT, this is the partial description of how parts are put together for hamburger meat.  It is probably the most disgusting process for the way meat is handled before it goes  into your mouth.  Essentially, eating your conventional hamburger is like eating a piece of shit.

Gyro and I are foodies.  I went so far as to own and operate a restaurant with my wife for the past two years. We honour food prep so much, we devote 72 hours just to prepare demi sauce.  Gyro knows some really great places to gorge in NYC, and I owe him the respect for being able to share his wealth of knowledge from his sensitive palate.  I guess if you’re a true New Yorker, you better know where to eat, because that is half the reason for loving the city.

So when I hear about the atrocities of how meat is being handled these days, it just makes me upset.  I grew up loving the hamburger, still do, but now I think I’m going to avoid every chance of eating it like it’s the plague.  My infant son may never get a chance to enjoy something as American as apple pie.  Now I will reserve my burger munchies to that of binche bistek sang-wiches, because at least when you eat steak, it comes from one cow.

I would recommend that each packet of ground beef to have a Surgeon General’s warning that says, “WARNING: harmful if ingested.  May cause indigestion, vomitting, food poisoning, diarrhea and/or paralysis.”  A burger is now more harmful than a cigarette…

-Miss Ra

~ by velofinds on October 6, 2009.

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