Why van sales figures continue to rise

Running your business successfully often relies on you having a reliable van or a fleet of them at your disposal. They form the heart of most organisations; from small to large models driving the length and breadth of the country ensuring that cargo makes it to its destination on time and in perfect condition. The van market is seeing an upturn in sales as the British economy looks to have turned a corner with numerous businesses springing up and financial growth expected.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) van registrations rose by over ten per cent in September alone with more than four thousand vans sold than in the previous month. In fact two hundred thousand more vans have found new homes this year against last year. With forecasters predicting sales figures to only rise further; here’s how they are expected to skyrocket in coming months and why van sales remain so strong:

Range of choice

No business is ever same as another one with all having different van requirements to help their organisation run smoothly. The van market has grown to have a model for every need; from premium vans of the likes of Mercedes; practical options like a Ford Transit and smaller options, like a Peugeot Partner available at Western Van Centre. There is a van for every business; with so much competition pushing up the quality and keeping the prices keen. Whether you want to buy, lease or rent a van you won’t have any trouble finding a van built to your specification at the right price.

Unrivalled practicality and versatility

When a car won’t do and a lorry would be too expensive to hire and run, a van comes into its’ own. Vans now balance practicality and versatility perfectly; being able to trade space for seating when necessary. This enables owners to use them to shift cargo or employees when at work and even use them for transporting items in their home life. Everyone wants to know a man with a van as sometimes they are the only transportation that will cope with your task and that’s down to their useful nature.

Drive and performance

Van makers know that the majority of van drivers spend a lot of their life stuck in their vehicle driving around the country. That’s why they have built them to high performance, comfortable and almost car-like to drive. The Ford Transit was the first to build a van capable of truly car-esque performance and it opened the flood gates for all their rivals to now build powerful, exciting and refined vans that you would be happy to scoot around town in.

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