What you should look for in a car for camping trips

There is something magical about a barmy British summer as the sun finally comes out and improves everyone’s mood. We’ve just had the hottest July on record for a far few years and its’ gone to our heads. When the weather is so nice here you see no need to go abroad for the weather and instead enjoy the charms of Britain.

One thing that the hot weather does make us do especially is try and spend as much time outside as we can; seeing as we are normally trapped inside during the punishingly cold winter days. The best way to make the most of the nice weather is take the family on a camping trip and get back to living on the land. It’s an opportunity for the children to experience a different, simpler way of life away from technology and a great way to get them involved with nature. However, what should you look for in ideal family used cars in Swansea that can cope with a camping trip?

Extra storage

Cubbyholes in the cabin of a family car are a Godsend to parents with so many accessories needed to hand when kids are young. You’ll find that manufacturers have cottoned on to this fact and now equip their cars with additional storage areas all around the interior; including cup holders for those long journeys.


Family cars take a lot of stick over the years as kids kick and pull every nook and cranny. This means that you should always look for an interior that is put together properly where all the panels fit or you may find it falling to bits in next to no time. Also with camping trips it may need to be able to navigate its way through tricky terrain in and around campsites, so it best for the car to have a modicum of off-road capability.

Large loading bay

Packing for a week-long camping trip can be a bit of mission with everything including clothes, tents, bikes, food and all other necessities. This makes the need for a wide loading bay to be able to fit items in quickly, easily and with minimal fuss otherwise it can be a real struggle to fit everything into a small space.

Flexible seating

A lot of effort is being put into making practical family cars versatile inside to offer families flexibility from day to day. When heading off on a camping trip you must be able to trade seating for space to be able to fit both the kids and the luggage in the back. Being able to move, flatten or remove seats entirely can make the difference.

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