What does BMW have to offer?

Splashing out on a top notch vehicle does not always make financial sense as they tend to lose huge swathes of money off their value as soon as you get them home. However, buying second hand can save you this depreciation, but still get you a prestigious car. When looking for an exceptional used car, BMW has always got to be at the top of your list; with a raft of ultimate driving machines that define the quality car market, including:

Premium small and sporty cars

Smaller cars have always been BMW’s speciality, but over recent years and through acquisitions they have branched out to be quite successful. The BMW 1 Series is a premium hatchback with all the goodness of a larger model smuggled into a smaller shell. Sometimes you forget that BMW owns Mini, so you can now pick up an iconic Mini cooper in a range of shapes and sizes, but with an outstanding, class-leading driving experience. Further up the enjoyment scale is the Z4; a punchy, elegant and spacious roadster.

Executive motors

Executive cars do not come with a better reputation than BMW with the motor industry’s leaders across its range. The BMW 3 Series sits at the top of its best offerings and remains a class-leading, battering ram of a car that turns long-distance hauls into an event. Up the range are the 5 and 6 Series options that are larger more refined cars for longer journeys, but are based on the outstanding credentials of the 3 Series. If you want performance over anything then the M3 and M5 are renowned for being the most fun you can have in a large car.

Impressive SUVs

SUVs have skyrocketed into popularity over recent years and BMW has been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Like the number would suggest the X1 is the baby SUV of BMW’s crop and it handles and rides like a Beamer should. The next in line is the X3; which is a technical phenomenon being exceptionally rewarding to drive, yet frugal in the same instant. The largest BMW SUVs are the X5, a refined large SUV and the X6; a sporty SUV with a gutsy and dynamic sports SUV.

BMWs make for superb-value, high performance and ultimate-driving machines, but as second hand cars they are just as impressive and you can discover the best deals on their entire range at Big Motoring World near London.

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