VW admits its missing something from its range

Volkswagen is one of the most successful brands in the motor industry having been responsible for the genre-defining Golf and iconic Beetle. It is famed for its ability to manufacture durable, reliable and refined cars at an affordable price that has seen its popularity hardly dwindle throughout numerous generations.

However, according to its UK boss, Robert Hazelwood, VW is lacking something from its range. He told WhatCar? that the German car maker has missed a trick by not already wading into the small-SUV market to take a slice of the pie created by the funky and innovative Nissan Juke that has sold well since its incarnation.

He feels that the fact that there have been moves by Vauxhall, with their Mokka model, and Peugeot, with the 208, to quickly jump into bed with Nissan Juke’s niche; which leaves VW slow on the uptake; admitting that VW “could really do with a small SUV or crossover”. It really is quite a bold statement from a car maker that really has been at the sharp end of the market for a long time.

What can we expect VW to do about this?

At the Sao Paulo Motor Show last year VW launched a concept car in the shape of the Taigun, which has the same platform as the Up! but with a longer wheelbase of the Polo. This is what we can expect to be VW’s Juke rival with a four-wheel-drive option and turbocharged engine; which could be on sale from next year. Watch this space.

Is it likely to be a success?

When VW thought it was lagging behind in the city car market it was not content with its class leading Supermini and family hatch to keep it ticking over. Instead it wanted to show its muscle, so it decided to manufacture the VW Up!; which is a tiny city car with all the economy, style and drive of a consummate city car and immediately put the other city cars to shame. If it can work the same magic on a mini SUV then you can expect them to be there or thereabouts when the final votes are in.

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