Turning a car into your office

Life as a travelling businessman can be a lonely, stress-filled and tiring occupation. Spending days on end stuck in motorway traffic, trying to find your destination and eating quick and often nasty fast-food is hard on the body and mind. However with business on the move more possible than ever before then you are not just left on the road to twiddle your thumbs as you can make use of the gaps in your day to do business. Once you’ve had your pick of Mercedes-Benz cars for sale and chosen your dream long-distance cruiser then its time to stock it right to turn it into a mobile office, with the following gadgets:


Improvements in technology has gone a long way in a few short years, but one fact remains is that a laptop or tablet will not withstand thorough use without needing to be charged at some time during the day. There are self-contained power adapters that harness your cigarette lighter/power source to allow you to use your generator to run a plug socket or USB connector to power your connected device while out on the road or when parked up.


Finding a flat surface on which to sit a laptop to work comfortably is hard in any modern vehicle, which are designed with style in mind rather than function. But, now you can take advantage of a wheel desk that acts like an in-flight table to attach to your steering wheel top or bottom to mount a device so you can find a comfortable working position in your car.


Businesses are striving to go paperless, but the best way to sign on the dotted line is still on paper making the ability to print documents on the move vital to any travelling businessman. Wireless printers are now made small enough to mount into your van or car and connect to your device to print out any information or document you need within your car without the need to trawl a town for an internet cafe.


It is no longer possible to do business without email and that means connecting your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the internet to get a link through to your inbox wherever you are. Promises have been made about 4G making broadband speed up mobile connectivity a possibility, but with problems still going on with 3G it may be a long time coming. That’s why it is a good idea to buy a mobile wireless router to ensure that you don’t need to find a McDonalds or coffee house with Wi-Fi when you need to get online quickly and reliably.

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