Sponsored content: Top 5 Driving Accessories You’ve Probably Overlooked

Driving enthusiasts of the world – if you really want to get the most from your beloved car, you should pick yourself up some modern accessories.

Accessories can make everything better, and when it comes to driving they’ll ensure you can upgrade your experience. There’s nothing better than having a car that’s fully kitted out with the latest technology, gadgets and must-have items, and we’ve got the ideal list for you to choose from.

Check out these five amazing accessories that you definitely need in your life:

Driving Gloves

Okay, so they might not seem that technologically advanced, but a good pair of driving gloves will certainly make you feel the part.

You can buy specially-made gloves that can give you extra grip when driving, so you can get better control of the gear shift and steering wheel. They’ll also probably make you feel pretty cool.

Sat Nav

They might be old news to most people by now, but you’d be surprised by how many people haven’t actually jumped on the sat nav bandwagon.

Buying a good quality sat nav can save you endless hassle, and you’ll even be able to get apps that can integrate a sat nav function on your phone if you don’t want to invest in a full-fledged one.


Otherwise known as a dashboard camera, a dash cam could save you a lot of time and effort should you ever be involved in an accident.

They’re already hugely popular in Russia, where the roads are known for being notoriously dangerous, and they can be incredibly useful over here as well.

Stop the arguments of whose fault that fender bender was and prove it once and for all.

DVD Players

This one’s more for your passengers than yourself. A portable DVD player attached to the back of a headrest can give endless hours of amusement and entertainment to those not driving, which means they’re especially useful if you have kids!

DAB Radios

Another one that many people have already joined in on, so if you’re still umming and ahhing over whether to get one yourself, you’re definitely late to the party.

DAB radios have been kicked off again now though, as more and more people look for increased in-car entertainment. One of the best things about them is that, as a driver, you can get fun from them too!

Can you think of any other car gadgets and cool accessories that you absolutely have to buy?

This guest post was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Central Contracts, a car leasing company with options for businesses and personal customers.

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