The used cars to buy if practicality tops your priorities

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes making them the ideal personal transport regardless of your lifestyle. However, the practical car market is one that all car makers want to make their presence felt in; with so many families looking for cars able to cope with moving a large number of people and goods easily with minimal fuss.

Flexibility in cars for the family is paramount and has seen the birth of the Multi-Purpose-Vehicle market; with manufacturers looking to build cars that can perform in a multitude of situations. In the second hand car market you’ll find hundreds on offer, but it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff before deciding. Here are some of the best practical cars across the small car market right up to the ultimate people carrier:

Toyota Yaris

The supermini market is a highly competitive one with the likes of VW, Ford and Toyota scrapping to find the ideal blend of style, fun-driving and practical small cars. A Toyota Yaris does everything you’d expect of a Supermini and much more. There is so much space inside the cabin and boot that the Yaris could easily be considered an MPV. If you want a small car that can cope with a few people on-board now and again then a Toyota Yaris is the ideal car.

Ford S-Max

MPVs have to be flexible to the rigours of everyday family life; and the S-Max is as adaptable as they come. It’s not hard to see why it has become a best-seller and class leader with the cabin offering space and flexibility to fulfil the needs of an ever-expanding family. You’d normally expect this functionality to impinge on the looks and drive of a larger car. But yet again the S-Max stands alone with stylish looks and a great driving experience; in terms of providing expert handling and good ride quality to keep the driver interested.

Vauxhall Zafira

When it comes to flexibility, Vauxhall has been receiving admiring glances in its direction for years. Its’ highly successful Zafira model is the epitome of practicality with an innovative seating structure that can remove seats and provide endless space or vice-versa in a few seconds. Its clever interior is matched with good refinement and reasonable dynamics; all this making a used Vauxhall Zafira just about as good as it gets for an affordable and admirable family car.

Ford, Toyota Vauxhall know how to do practicality to keep families happy and A1 Carriages in Dartford has the best next-to-new practical cars from all three car makers ready to buy.

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