The Top 5 GTA V Supercars vs Real Supercars

Many gamers around the world have either finished up or continue to spend hours of time in-front of the new Grand Theft Auto V. I know I am dedicating a good portion of my time to it each evening. What peaked my interest, especially as a girl gamer, is the cars available, and let’s face it, GTA wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without amazing supercars.

The game designers may not have actually called these vehicles Audis or Lamborghinis but when you see one drive past in Vinewood Hills you can tell which real life supercar it was modelled after.  This full comprehensive list of cars and other vehicles will give you all the details of every car, bike, plane, boat and even bicycle available on GTA 5 and believe it or not some of the super cars were influenced by real makes. This means they are available to buy, you need a few pennies though. Junction 17 Cars based in Peterborough and Nottingham in the UK stock nearly every conceivable supercar from Aston Martin to Maserati and Ferrari and their gaming counterparts have been spotted on GTA 5.

Here are the top 5 supercars on GTA v and their real life inspiration counterparts:

Cognoscenti Cabrio by Enus (influenced by the Bentley Continental)
Exemplar by Dewbauchee (influenced by the Aston Martin Rapide)
Felon by Lampadati (influenced by the Jaguar XF / Maserati Quattroporte)
Zion by Ubermacht (Influenced by the BMW M3)
Schafter by Benefactor (Influenced by the Mercedes-Benz CL- and E-class)

Of all these cars the most difficult or rarest to find is the Bentley however if you really want to go nuts and get an expensive car then the Z-Type at Legendary Motor Sports will cost your character a cool 1 Million. Make sure you have room in your garage for it and good luck tracking down, enhancing and racing your fleet of awesome wheels.

~ by velofinds on October 1, 2009.

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