The best sports car to drive from Land’s End to John O’Groats

Top of many British petrol head’s bucket list is making the trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats in one day. The journey from the South-westerly tip of the country to the top of the British mainland is a driving Mecca with many motorists, cyclists and pedestrians completing it over the generations. The route takes in every form of winding country roads to miles upon miles of straight motorways.

The route covers 874 miles of road, so the choice of car to make the journey is imperative. You are going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so you want something refined and comfortable, but with the blend of road abilities including a powerful vehicle for the straight-line speed and the agility in the bends when the roads get curly. Here are some of the best sports cars to make the trip fun, comfortable and exhilarating:

Porsche 911

When you take a look through the Porsche 911 back-catalogue you won’t see too much styling difference over the years, which appeals to some and grates on others. But, if Porsche is only making subtle tweaks just think about how much time they are spending on the engineering. Engineering excellence is what Porsche does best; and the 911, available at Inchcape Porsche serves up a rewarding drive with expert handling, smooth ride and dynamic performance. It also won’t break the bank either, offering enviable fuel consumption for such a fast car; which makes all the difference on an epic 847 mile journey.

Aston Martin DB9

Feeling like James Bond is never a bad thing when sitting behind the wheel of a car and the Aston Martin DB9 delivers that. It would be doing this car an injustice to say its only selling point is the links to the silver screen as it is so much more than that; being an endlessly charming all-rounder which wins your heart and mind. Its stunning style looks are at home anywhere; while its balanced handling, characterful engine and comfortable surroundings ensure that it’s a class-leading grand tourer in all respects. The Aston Martin DB9 feels like it has been built specifically for taking on this kind of challenge.

Jaguar XK

When tackling an arduous journey like this you want a car that can take into account how you are feeling at any given time and react, which is exactly what a Jaguar XK can do. On the motorway is where the XK excels being a supercharged bullet of a car when you stick your foot down and a civilised cruiser when you need a break. Sweep the distance away in luxurious style and blow the cobwebs out on the way in this spectacular long-distance cruising sports car.

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