Taking advantage of low cost cars

That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know your car is about to give up the ghost and that you can’t afford a new one is gut wrenching. The upfront costs of having a new car are among the most expensive you can have during your life, but the options in the used car market and the rise of car supermarkets can often come to your rescue with bargains on everything from city cars right up to people carriers. The low cost cars at Motorpoint make for an affordable way to get back on the road quickly and here are just some of the best cars you can get for a reasonable price:

Under £7,000

The market now caters for everything from cars ideal for purely inner city motoring to cars just as happy on the motorway as inside town; all for a broad range of prices. Budget brands have really taken off with the likes of Kia, Hyundai and Dacia all serving up reasonable offerings to match the mainstay affordable options of Ford, VW and Fiat in building reliable, practical and fun to drive small cars. For under seven thousand pounds you can buy a VW Up!, that serves up German standard refinement at a low cost, an ever-reliable and surprisingly practical reliable Toyota IQ or a Fiat Panda, which is a vastly practical small car with plenty of unique quirkiness to make it different from the norm.

Available for less than £10,000

You’d imagine that the likes of a class-leading Ford Fiesta would be out of the range of a ten thousand pound budget, but no, you can pick one up with under ten thousand miles on the clock for closer to eight thousand pounds. For ten thousand pounds you can set your height just that little bit loftier and look to get far more car for your money. One option is bagging a Vauxhall Zafira, a people carrier for under half of its selling value at new. Other cars that come under the magical ten grand are sporty options in the form of a Seat Ibiza, funky-styled Fiat 500 or even a Mazda MX-5 the world’s best and most reliable roadster there is.

Whatever your budget there are plenty of low cost motors out there to buy from new or second hand that can ease the financial strain of getting back on the road when you need to.

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