Sponsored content: Why it’s More Important than Ever to Own a Car in 2013

Despite car sales falling for the 18th consecutive month across Europe as of April 2013, it’s probably more vital than ever in 2013 to own a car.  They’re useful for so many things that it seems difficult to see why you wouldn’t own one.  Here are some reasons why you should take the plunge if you’ve been debating whether it’s worth it.

The Cost of a Car is Less than Public Transport

If you’ve ever been on the tube in London, you’ll know that it can be quite an expensive affair.  As reported in 2010, the annual commute to the city has been costing some people over £5,000.00.

Although the outset cost of purchasing a car can be expensive, particularly new, the running of it is low.  If you get a used car from anywhere across the UK, the cost comes down even further.

Employers are Looking for Car-owners

Many companies looking for employees in 2013 are looking for people who own cars. This is because businesses are looking for flexible staff who can add dynamism to their company.  This benefits them mainly because it extends their potential outreach and prevents them from having to rely on public transport which can sometimes be unreliable.

Imagine if they wanted to send you out to a client meeting.  It is far easier to send you out in your car with a sat-nav than it would be to plan a bus route.

Cars are Purpose-built to Deal with Bad Weather

On a similar line of thought to the previous point, cars – unlike public transport – are built with the intention of withstanding the bad weather.  If you want to be able to get out of your house when the heavy snow and sleet comes in winter, you won’t really be able to rely on the buses and trains.

Train services, in particular, commonly have technical failures during the winter as a result of problems on the lines, and obviously a train can’t circumvent a problem.  A car, on the other hand, can.  If you need to get to work for a certain time, the last thing you want is to be late every day because your train halts before the journey is over.

It Really is Worthwhile

As you can see, owning a car in 2013 is more than necessary than ever.  Hopefully, the above 3 points will have persuaded you that it really is time to take the plunge.

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