How to choose the right aftermarket headlight for your vehicle

Custom headlights are a great way to give your car a custom look, but there are so many kinds out there it can be dizzying to try to figure out which ones to choose. There are projector headlights, HID headlight kits, Euro headlights, and more. Each option has its own pros and cons and it’s important to do some research to see which ones are the best for your needs.

Projector headlights are great at illuminating the road, providing safer nighttime driving. HID headlights are great for this, too, so if that is your primary concern, these are good options. Even if your primary concern is to customize your vehicle and make it stand out from the rest, these two options fit that bill, too.

Euro headlights are designed to look much like the factory lights, but with a more modern and sleek look. Whereas projector lights come with a projector house included, Euro lights do not. Euro lights still provide good illumination, but not as much as the kinds mentioned above. This is also a more affordable option if you don’t want to shell out the high price tag for some other kinds of custom headlights. They still give your vehicle a cool look, at a more affordable price tag.

LED lights are another option for your vehicle. These are commonly referred to as the “R8” style of light, in reference to the fact that they look like the lights on the iconic Audi R8. These lights have an LED strip across the bottom of the headlight already installed and included in the headlight assembly. The ground wires protrude from the headlight, allowing the installer (whether that’s you or an automotive technician) to wire the strip directly into the parking lights. In addition, you can also wire it to another switch if that suits your needs better, allowing for lots of customization.

Another type of headlight option are those that are designed to be compatible with the factory-standard systems. It’s a good idea to explore this option before you decide to buy other headlights.

No matter what kind of headlights you are looking for, there is an awesome option out there to beautifully suit your needs.  The lights come in a variety of colour ways, both in terms of the housing for the lights (which typically come in black, chrome and/or titanium) and the light itself, which can be bright white, yellow, blue, purple, or even green, depending on the type of bulb you choose. Installation depends on your level of comfort with it and the type of kit you buy. If you aren’t familiar with how to change out your headlights to something new, don’t worry. Your mechanic or auto technician will be all-too-happy to assist you in the installation process.  However, there are lots of great online tutorials available that will show you how to do this.

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