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In the 1980s we expected that by the time the year 2,000 rolled by, we’d be zooming through the clouds in our hovercrafts. Unfortunately those dreams of flying are still in the concept phase, much like the other cars on this list. Concept vehicles are invented to showcase innovative styles and radical technologies that we hope (or don’t hope) to see in the future. From the most outrageous to the slickest ride, here is a few of the coolest cars that we’d love to see on the showroom floor.

MIT Media Lab CityCar

The CityCar seems like something out of a Transformers movie: a full-scale stackable fully-electric vehicle. This collaborative effort by the faculty and student of MIT might just actually become a commercial reality. The car itself would be an inner city dwellers best friend due to its folding chassis to occupy small footprint when parked. It also features drive-by wire control, front entry door, and the ability to spin on its axis. In an already over-populated world, these ultra-small vehicles are the perfect solution.

Rinspeed’s sQuba

Got scuba gear? Good, because you’re going to need it if you ever want to ride in the Rinspeed SQuba. Straight out of a James Bond movie, the 2008 SQuba concept was a world first; a car that can be driven on the safety of land and into the depths of the ocean. While the convertible type frame is not a self-contained submarine, you’ll have keep the regulator tank filled up and find a dry place to stash your bag.

Vitaly Kononov

Are you tired of your 4WD beast not being able to cruise through narrow alley ways? Yeah, me too. Lucky there’s a solution in the form of a Rolling Stone. No, not the band. A car, that’s design best resembles a giant slimline wheel. Created by auto designer Vitaly Kononov, this vehicle boasts two large wheels that spans the circumference of the circle shaped body, a fully electric motor, LED screens that displays navigation and information, and cameras on the outer body to capture images and video of the surrounds.

Jaguar CX-17

So this may be one of the concepts that we will likely see in the showroom as early as next year. No longer seen as the kitty cat of the automobile industry; Jaguars new C-X17 sports crossover has show-stopping looks and inventive features to boot. The craftsmanship is spot on with a luxury interior, premier technology and a spacious yet sophisticated cabin. You can read more about it at Jaguar.com.au.

Smart Fourjoy

Would you like to drive a car with no doors or windows? Probably not, but the Mercedes Benz Smart Fourjoy, sets the scene for the features we are likely to expect heading into the future. This will be the first four seater smart car to ever be released that introduces all those high tech gizmets to make our lives all the more easier. The dashboard has a space for two smartphones – you know, for all those times we’ve been with a passenger who insists a song-for-song driving playlist.

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