Satisfaction is the key to owning a great used car

Surveys are not always the most accurate in terms of the information they provide us with just, look at the latest nationwide census for example. The figures can be skewed by lots of discrepancies and false information making them next to useless. However, a survey about the levels of satisfaction of car drivers can provide a valuable insight into what second hand car you should purchase.

If you have searched for used cars Liverpool in Google and have been inundated with options and can’t decide which car would be best to buy second hand then you can use the latest survey by What Car? It asked drivers across the UK how satisfied they were with their cars including how they were suited to driving around cities and gave an insight into what owners thought of their cars on a daily basis. The range of cars that ranked highest and lowest was surprising; here is how the results panned out:

Top of the tree

The biggest shock comes at the top of the list with Skoda taking up the first two spots. The company that has been the butt of many a joke has seen its aptly-named Superb named top of the satisfaction charts and its Yeti second. The other cars making up the top five are the charming and customisable Citroen DS3, the exceptional and sublime Jaguar XF and finally the Lexus RX, which is most astonishing for a hybrid SUV to make it so high in the reliability and easy-to-live-with charts.

Languishing at the bottom

The survey made grim reading for Fiat with two of its car regarded in the bottom five; the Punto and Panda. It was bad news for Alfa Romeo and Chevrolet with their Mito and Spark models coming under-fire from the driving masses with even the Alfa’s looks and handling not able to hide its dreadful reliability issues.

Best and worst brands

Jaguar came out top in most categories with excellent customer service, great cars to drive and easy-to-live-with cars; as well as cheaper labour and parts cost adding to the enthusiasm of customers. Skoda was hardly a surprise from their recent record with their Superb and Yeti rising through the ranks following up on their positive sales figures up twenty per cent. The likes of Peugeot, Chevrolet, Fiat and Alfa Romeo took a real hammering in the poll. Chevrolet suffered the worst with indifferent looks, build quality and lack of value for money meant they were rock-bottom across the board.

Surveys like this give valuable information on what cars would make a good second hand car and knowledge on what specific brands are like to own and run on a day to day basis.

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