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The futuristic world of concept cars has seen many wild designs, and although most remain forever a concept, it doesn’t stop us dreaming about owning one. Here Passsmart takes a look at some of the craziest car concepts out there, and work out if, and how, they could ever work on our roads.

Volkswagen Floating Car
At the risk of stating the obvious, this 2012 Volkswagen designer’s dream, needs no wheels. Instead, hovering over electromagnetic road grids, this futuristic vehicle – part of the People’s Car Project – is a concept developed based upon what Chinese citizens want from future cars. So, thanks to them we could all soon be flying to work in giant bubbles.

Toyota Camatte
If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a real-life toy car, then it’s your lucky day. Toyota’s Camatte concept made its debut, not at a motor show, but, strangely, at the International Tokyo Toy Show. With interchangeable body parts, at first glance this Japanese car looks like a pricey child’s Christmas present, but it’s actually a fully-functioning road car. In keeping with the toy theme, though, this car has changeable pedals that allow kids to have their very first driving lessons. Very exciting for the kids, but terrifying for the adults.

Nissan Deltawing
This Batmobile inspired race car was deemed “too radical” for IndyCar, and instead made its debut at this years 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although it wasn’t the most powerful on the circuit, its lightweight body made up for what its engine lacked. Qualifying for the race in 29th place, it was forced to retire after 75 laps following an accident. This is one concept car which has been made a reality, but, whilst suitable for the race track, probably won’t be seen in a street near you.

Citreon Osmose
This colorful creation was born as a concept in 2001, but, like many others, was never produced. Part car, part bus, the idea behind this automobile was that, with its huge windows and spacious interior, sat somewhere between personal car and public transport. The family-friendly Osmose even had an airbag in its front bumper, incase of any accidents.

Renault Racoon
An old school concept car, first shown in 1992, the Racoon could travel over any terrain, and even water. Bearing a slight resemblance to an insect, this car had to be opened from the front and could be raised upwards to ensure adequate space off the ground. This tech-savvy motor had built in sat nav, cameras instead of mirrors, and even glass that diffuses rain! Unfortunately, unlike so many others before and after, this Renault dream never came to life.

Mercedes-Benz BIOME
The ultimate futuristic concept car, the Mercedes-Benz BIOME, would actually be GROWN in a lab. I know, we don’t really understand it either, but each car would have its own DNA to accommodate individual customer requirements, and it would run on “BioNectar4534”. This crazy creation came out of the Los Angeles Design Challenge, and there’s certainly no doubt that this designer would get straight A’s in imagination and ambition.

Fun Vii
Toyota uncovered the Vii (Vehicle Interactive Internet) this year, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. With touch screen panels along the interior, this smartphone inspired car can be personalized in any way the owner desires. A little distracting for other motorists, yes, but an absolutely ingenious idea.

Kia have created the future of eco-friendly transport with the compact and dynamic POP. Not only does it look good with its chrome exterior, but it can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge and produces no emissions. The perfect city car, this one hasn’t gone into production just yet, but has been dubbed the future of electric motoring.

Audi Urban
The Urban certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed traveling along the street. With its mix of race car and city car, this all-rounder is a new automotive concept in itself. Of course, it’s electric, so the eco-friendly among us need not panic, and it even has its own wireless charging facility. Audi seem to have come up with something very different, here, to their usual safe designs, and we’re liking this new look.

This is – along with the BIOME – the most pioneering on the list. The GM EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) is a two-wheeled car which, as it happens, looks nothing like a car. Small enough to fit into any space, this one can even return to its owner when called from a smartphone application. Although our streets aren’t perhaps quite ready for the GM EN-V yet, just watch this space.

Isabelle Guarella is a blogger and fan of crazy, futuristic cars. She writes for PassSmart.com, a site that matches learners with a driving instructor in their area.

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