Sponsored content: Australia’s most popular hatchbacks

Australians have long been partial to muscular, masculine vehicles that are built for traversing its rugged expanses. Yet a change has been taking hold in recent years. For the first time in fifteen years, muscular, brawny cars like the Holden Commodore have been pushed aside by Australian consumers in favour of sporty, petite and economical hatchbacks. These are better suited to Melbourne’s stylish suburbs than the wild expanse of the outback. Of the glut of smaller city cars that have popped up on the market, two are major standouts.

The car that may be responsible for this new trend is the Mazda 3. This sleek yet powerful hatchback may be small, but it packs a mean punch in its powerful engine and aggressive front grille. It’s got style to spare along with an attitude that gives it the air of a cocky teenager. Drivers can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to engine power. There’s an energy-efficient diesel engine to save money at the pump, along with a 2.0 DISI petrol engine that’s a joy to drive. For more information about these engine options you can check out a Mazda 3 review and compare features. The car is remarkably lightweight and easy to manoeuvre on city streets and wide open motorways alike.

Although the Commodore has slipped in popularity, Holden’s stepped up their game to retain hold of the Australian motoring market. If you wish to compare cars to buy, you will see a powerful contender in the hatchback market is the Holden Cruze. This is not your mother’s hatchback. Although it isn’t as aggressive in appearance as the slick little Mazda 3, it is still a city car with a bit of edge to it. The Cruze has been designed as a crowd-pleaser, and you can tell that Holden is making a bid to win back the crowds that may have strayed to other brands over the past few years.

Economy is a strong factor in this. There are different engines to choose from, including a turbo diesel and 1.4 Turbo induction petrol option. This intelligent Turbo option is a hit with those looking to pinch their pennies at the pump. It’s possible to travel 1000 km on a single tank of petrol, which is not only economical but also handy for travelling long distances.

At the moment, the Mazda 3 is the clear winner of this popularity contest, although the Cruze is gaining speed quickly. Because it’s an Australian brand, Holden will always be beloved on its home turf. Both have sold well over the past year in particular, and with new features and amenities to be added in the future it’s a given that this trend will continue.

However, Australians may not yet be ready to give up their love of big, butch cars. The Toyota Hilux outsold both the Mazda 3 and Holden Cruze last month, proving that there will always be a soft spot in the Australian heart for a macho vehicle.

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