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One of the many holidays and adventures we want to do is a driving holiday. After watching so many travel programmes, hearing stories from our friends and watching countless episodes of Top Gear we have been given a taste to rent a fantastic vehicle and just set out on the open road to see where we can go. I’ve been researching the options, looking at countries we’ve been too and ones we’ve never thought of visiting and I’ve found my top five choices, good or bad! These are not in any particular order really, I’ve just written our list as places have jumped out at me!

  1. West Coast America

What can you say about Las Vegas that hasn’t been said by movies, countless books and travel guides? Hoping not to come across any incidents seen in Casino, The Hangover et al and coming away with more than a broken windscreen, heading east to the Grand Canyon before heading west to the Pacific Ocean. Stopping off at Yosemite National Park for some wildlife and maybe a night under the stars, heading into the heart of California finishing in San Francisco. A back and forth drive, but you only get this one chance, so you take it.

  1. Route 66

The incomparable road-trip, one holiday many would love to take and an option I’d be foolish to ignore. Visiting more towns and cities than I could fit into a normal holiday, having to make some serious choices on where to stay from a selection that includes St Louis, Albuquerque and countless campsites and motels! This would take more planning than a usual holiday, but it would be one awesome adventure across most of the United States! Enough food, sights and people to fill a life of memories. This will be a big one, but I also want to do it for the chance to drive something awesome like this! I can rent a Cadillac, yes?

  1. France

Nice and easy holiday, well I’d hope compared to some of the other options. Setting off from England and taking the Eurostar, the pleasure of being able to use your own car and drive through the fabulous French countryside. The need to stop in Paris en-route is too tempting, but so are all the areas of France producing exceptional wines and champagnes on the journey to the South of France. I wonder how many different local wines I can fit into my car for one journey. The only drawback with this is then you have to drive all the way home, but we can always take a longer route and go via Western France!

  1. Scotland

Not exactly what some would call a glamorous holiday, but again the ease of taking your own car and being able to just drive home at the end isn’t always one you should pass up! So many little villages and fantastic cities to see in Scotland, mountain drives and open landscapes I cannot see why driving isn’t the best way to see this fantastic country! Having visited Edinburgh before, I know this is a place I want to start our Scottish journey, hopefully driving as far North West towards the Isle of Skye, seeing as much as we can see before having to turn around and head back towards Carlisle via Glasgow!

  1. Malaysia

An unusual choice, driving in the Far East doesn’t always look like the safest thing to do, but when the chance to see this beautiful country at your own pace you should think again. Starting in Singapore, travelling north to Kuala Lumpur and onto Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and then finishing on the white sandy beaches of Langkawi. We’ve long wanted to travel East, this may be the most exciting was to do it to see more destinations than ever! Exotic foods, inspiring views and new wildlife just in the reach of the distance you want to drive down the beaten path. Far-flung exciting holiday cruising away with the freedom to go where you wish!

Once I’ve decided where to go and then to decide who to travel and book with. Plenty of planning ahead to be done, but it’ll be an almighty experience once we’re out on the road!

~ by velofinds on October 1, 2009.

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