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Many people outside of the United States do not realise just how popular the yearly NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is in that country, where it rivals American football NFL games both in terms of the numbers watching and putting bets down. The race events in the NASCAR calendar see thousands of people attending to watch them, and many of these are also fans of NASCAR betting, with the popularity of this activity indicated by the fact that virtually all of the top online bookmakers offer NASCAR odds and gambling markets.

Indeed there are a variety of different bets that you can put on NASCAR, with perhaps the most popular being outright bets. These involve simply gambling on the winner of the overall title, and you will find these types of NASCAR bets available from virtually all bookies. Other popular types of NASCAR bets are match bets, where you wager on which driver will win individual races, pod bets – where it is the winning car that you are betting on – and qualifying bets, where you bet which of two drivers will have the best finish in a race. However, as popular as these bets are with motor sports fans, but few will be as potentially lucrative as playing an online casino motor racing game like Motor Slot Speed Machine.

If you don’t believe this, just consider that the top jackpot that Gaming Club offers on this particular five reel slots game has to offer is $50,000. Realistically you will have to make the NASCAR bet of a lifetime to win that amount, although of course you have no guarantees of winning it by playing Motor Slot Speed Machine. What you do have is a very firm chance of winning serious money though, thanks to the presence of twenty pay lines and a wild symbol (the speedometer) on the reels, which can take the place of any other missing icon to give you a winning line. This means your chances of a payout are very strong, which is why slots are the most popular type of casino game.

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