Jaguar XF forges ahead of rivals

The mid-size executive saloon market has predominantly been the domain of the German car makers and with good reason. The likes of Audi, Mercedes and BMW have been rolling out the standard bearers that are amongst the best cars ever built. However, Jaguar decided that it needed to show its hand and take on the establishment that was beginning to lack originality by introducing the elegantly-named Jaguar XF saloon.

Has it worked? Well, the simple answer is yes. Jaguar could not have dreamed that the XF would have succeeded so quickly and steal so many sales from the grips of its main rivals. In 2012, the XF accounted for more then sixty per cent of UK’s executive saloon market. It generated over 500 more new registrations, up until July last year, over the Audi offering to stand at an impressive 5,653 sales when you consider it has limited options compared to the likes of the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 –Series. Here’s why a Jaguar XF for sale has turned out to be such a hit with UK buyers and the default choice in its class:

  • Thoughtfully designed – The XF is the best looking car in its class with a beautifully-crafted front grill combined with sleek lines of the bodywork leading to a neatly-sculpted back end. It exposes a tiring look in its rivals to bring a touch of style to the class

  • Dynamic performance – It really is the king in this department being a lovely sporty and responsive car to drive. The XF is a well-balanced, highly-strung car to stick into bends with a sumptuous steering feel and a fluid ride to make it endlessly satisfying

  • Stunning interior – Jaguar’s family saloon is the only one in the class to bring a theatre to the inside that boasts its appeal. Neon lighting, plush finish and revolving vents when you start the engine make it a sight to behold. Everything feels like it belongs and is put together on a par with Audi, which is some compliment

  • Economical to own – You would not expect a Jaguar to perform as highly as it does in this area. However, the insurance tariff, servicing costs and residual values all make pleasant viewing. The fuel economy is especially impressive given the shift that the Jaguar XF is capable of

Jaguar has squared up to the German mainstays toe to toe and is winning; certainly if you are looking at what really matters and that is the results of sales.

~ by velofinds on October 1, 2009.

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