Ford maintains its stranglehold on desirability in 2013

The motoring industry never ceases to amaze when the latest models are bought out; they always seem funkier and crazier than anything that’s gone before. The Geneva Motorshow 2013 is normally the showcase for car makers to make public their latest line in daring and sometimes ludicrous styling, but also some engineering brilliance that we can look forward to being the norm in models coming up in the next few years.

However, there is always one thing that remains a certainty year after year and that is Ford’s dominance of the small car market. Just like the predictability of petrol prices going up you know that Ford sales are going to be right up there year on year. 2013 is no different with the ever-popular Fiesta and Focus models of Ford’s stable once again at the top of sales so far in the year standing at over twenty-two thousand and fifteen thousand respectively in the first month of the ‘13 license plate. Here’s why new Ford cars for sale remain at the top of their respected classes, the sales charts and the list of the most desirable cars of 2013:

Affordability and value for money

Ford has cornered the market in affordable great-looking cars despite new arrivals such as Kia trying to steal the show. The Ford Fiesta makes a stylish Supermini at a price that will never break the bank, while the Focus oozes style and is inexpensive for a family hatchback.

Smaller cars make financial sense

As petrol prices continue to soar through the roof conscientious drivers are looking to buy more fuel efficient cars that will be frugal as they go about their business and the Focus and Fiesta are at the top of their class for economy.

Easy to live with

Ford’s offer a reliability that you will not find from other car maker’s with every model built to stand the test of time. The Ford Fiesta and Focus are two durable, but refined motors that are practical for their size and able to cope admirably with most everyday situations.


The Ford brand is so strong in Britain having endured a love-affair cemented over many years of loyal service. You won’t have to go far on the roads around your home to find either a Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta smiling back at you from the opposite lane. This presence in the market means that when you come to move-on your new Ford there will be plenty of buyers looking to snap it up.

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