Ensuring your tyres are ready for winter – Some questions to ask yourself

If winter is coming in your town, it may be time to put those shiny motorsport tyres into hibernation – Many winter climates call for a serious overhaul of those four black rubber accessories that are so paramount the safety and performance of our car, yet which we often tend to forget about until we have a problem with them. But spend some time making sure your car and its tyres are ready for the upcoming season, and it will save you hassle and money in the long run, and keep you safe on the roads.

Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself while you’re preparing your car tyres for winter.

Have your tyres been replaced lately?

How regularly do you replace your tyres? Do you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and ensure you change your tyres when you need to? If the answer to this last question is ‘no’, then now’s the time to get your act together and replace those tyres. Balding tyres can be an even greater safety risk when the roads are cold, wet and icy, so ensuring you are vigilant with replacing your tyres is hugely important if you want to stay safe on the roads.

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

Just like surface tread, tyre pressure is another hugely important part of ensuring your tyres are ready for the cooler months (not to mention all-year round). Over-inflated tyres can be a hazard, especially in slippery road conditions, as they cannot grip the road as easily as tyres that have been inflated to the right pressure. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the inside of your tyre and inflate them to the correct pressure.

Do you need special snow tyres?

If you live in a climate that actually gets cold enough in wintertime to warrant more than just a light overcoat and a cardigan, you may want to consider purchasing special winter tyres for your car. Even if it doesn’t frequently snow where you live, colder temperatures can harden the rubber contained in standard tyres, causing them to lose their full grip on the road – even when no snow or ice is present. Snow tyres are built to withstand plummeting temperatures, and will help keep you safe on the road – both when the white stuff falls, and when it doesn’t.

What special measures do you take when prepping your tyres for winter?

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