Double Oh Yeah: Becoming Bond Behind the Wheel

James Bond is Britain’s best and most stylish import since the Aston Martin. But he has a tendency to find himself in some trouble behind the wheel. Luckily his never-ending collection of gadgets has saved him from meeting a typical spy demise.

Everybody wants their little slice of 007 heaven, and some of these features could be pretty handy in everyday life. What if the next time you decided to hire a car, hopped onto Drive Now or another luxury car hire site, and could easily choose these features to add onto your rental? What if we could all be a bit more Bond?

It’s dangerous to mix mobile devices and cars, and Bond’s phone from Tomorrow Never Dies, which doubles as a remote control for his BMW (in addition to being equipped with a stun gun, fingerprint scanner and lock pick) might not make for the safest roads. But think of the possibilities. No more walking back to distant parking spaces or having to leave somewhere just to move your car. Smartphones would have nothing on this.

Every once in a while Bond is forced to go where there are no roads. With his Lotus Espirit from The Spy Who Loved Me, he can take to the water without even unbuckling his seatbelt. That’s because it doubles as a submarine. Imagine rolling across the beach and into the water, trolling the ocean floor amongst the fish. The view will be dynamite on its own, so it’s probably safe to leave the surface-to-air missiles and mines at home.

The pride of MI6’s off-road antics don’t stop there, though. No matter how much ice a super-cool agent has in his veins, snowy conditions can lead to treacherous terrain. That’s why 007’s Aston Martin from The Living Daylights comes equipped with skis on each side, allowing him to safely slide down the slopes if necessary.

Sometimes even a night out on the town can feel like an adventure. Pulling up late and having trouble finding a parking spot? The car from Die Another Day features the ability to go invisible. Chuck on the cloak and put it in park wherever you want. The 5-0 can’t ticket what they can’t see.

With these sweet spy gadgets and accessories, all you’d need is a sharp suit and some nice arm candy to cruise around like a real agent. But remember: If you’re going to have one of 007’s trademark shaken-not-stirred martinis, make sure you leave the keys (or the remote control mobile phone) with somebody else.

~ by velofinds on October 1, 2009.

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