Beware of driving fines on your European adventure

Driving through Europe on holiday can be a lot of fun. Exploring different countries by car on the same road trip can provide you with a lifetime of wonderful memories and endless opportunities to take photos and experience something different. However, if driving across several countries, it can be easy to forget that driving laws differ in each nation.

This infographic from proves that in some of the biggest and most popular countries with visitors on the continent, there are some strange and surprising laws which might seem difficult to abide. The rule in Germany about keeping a set distance away from the car in front is one that is hard to abide by, especially in heavy traffic.

Before you set off for the European mainland, it’s important to be prepared. Learn about your destination’s driving laws, bring special equipment like reflective jackets, a first aid kit and, when you hire a car, ensure you drive on the correct side of the road! Driving with caution is just as helpful.

~ by velofinds on October 1, 2009.

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  1. You do need replacement bulbs in Spain too… not that many policemen check, though… or for that matter, not that all of those laws are strictly enforced either in Europe, especially the closer you get to the Mediterranean…

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