The Best Used BMW Models to Look Out For

There are not many automobile manufacturers as desired as BMW. The German luxury car brand have a long and rich history of creating beautiful, glamorous and high-quality vehicles, which ensure that they are one of the most popular and famous brands in the entire world. They are somewhat of a status symbol due to their price tag, but those that dream of getting behind the wheel of a BMW should know that there are some excellent used BMWs available for affordable prices. Here are a few of the best:

BMW 330

The legendary 3 Series from the German manufacturer is known for its exceptional performance, elegance and dynamics (especially the current generation). Those that have always wanted to drive a 3 Series should seriously consider looking for a used BMW 330. It provides all the style and comfort of the 3 series, but it also boasts a powerful performance that those with a need for speed will love. As with all BMW’s, the 330 is a real head turner and sophisticated looking automobile.

BMW 335

Cranking things up a notch is the diesel BMW 335, which features exceptional power with a staggering 286bhp and 428lb ft of torque. It is BMW’s most powerful diesel engine sold in the UK and the most powerful six-pot diesel in the entire world. This astonishing power and speed contrasts against the sleek and stylish design synonymous with the brand, as well as a comfortable and luxury interior. Unsurprisingly, a car boasting this much power has a hefty price tag, but you can find it for affordable prices when you shop for a used BMW at a reputable second-hand dealership.

BMW 530 d

The premium executive market moves quickly, so it was important for BMW to reinvigorate the 5 series to stay ahead of the curve. This was achieved with the fantastic 530 d model, which made small adjustments to the bumper and lights and added two cool new trim levels. Improvements were also made to the 3litre engine to make it even more efficient. It is a delight to drive with effortless acceleration and a comfortable ride thanks to the enhanced suspension. The 530 d is also packed full of great equipment and tech to make it a more enjoyable, safe and comfortable driving experience.

The BMW badge is a prestigious one that many motorists dream of owning. Often, the cost of a brand new model is unrealistic, but by looking for second-hand models you may be able to get behind the wheel of your dream car.

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