Car Advice for People Who Live With a Disability

Those with a disability, or those close to somebody with a disability, understand just how difficult and stressful it can be to manage travel arrangements. Unfortunately, public transportation in this country is not particularly wheelchair friendly, plus it is famously unreliable. Taxis, meanwhile, usually are not wheelchair accessible and you would have to book one in advance which can be expensive.

This means that those that live with a disability need to look at other options to get around. Whilst community transport is an option in many places, it is not quite the same as being able to get around independently. Fortunately, there are a few good options for people in this situation which can help them to get out, live their daily lives and do so with minimal stress.


The Motability Scheme is an excellent scheme which helps those with a disability to exchange their government-funded mobility allowance for a car, scooter or electric wheelchair. Whether you are eligible for this scheme or not, there are a few options available for stress-free mobility:

Adapted Cars for Driving

One option is to drive an adapted vehicle. There are many incredible adaptations that have been made that enable people with a range of disabilities to drive safely and with confidence. This includes pedals controlled by hand and joystick controls. If you go down this path, you will need to pass a driving test in one of these cars and you will then be issued a license from the DVLA that allows you to drive automobiles with that adaptation only.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Alternatively, you could lease or buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) from places like Allied Fleet. These automobiles have been adapted so that a wheelchair user can easily access the vehicle (either by a ramp or lift) and then safely and comfortably sit onboard (or even drive in some cases). Many families find this a great solution as the automobiles are large and enable multiple passengers and luggage to be carried at the same time.

Both of these options provide great freedom and independence to people with disabilities and their carers. They enable easy, safe and comfortable transportation so that people can go to work, go shopping, socialise, pick up the kids and more. This can all be a challenge for those with a disability if they are relying on public transportation, community transport or somebody else to drive them around. Whether you are eligible for the Motability Scheme or not, there are great options available and this will only continue as more technology and adaptations are made.

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