The weird and wonderful

This stuff has been making the rounds among the BMW faithful. Good back story here in case you missed it.

BMW M8 (*not* pronounced “mate”):

X5 LM. Don’t scoff— this ain’t your ordinary soccer mom X5:


And how perfect is it that it’s actually wearing BBS LMs?

In addition to the massive V12 this particular X5 benefited from tremendous weight savings through aluminum panels, lighter high-bloster seats, and use of carbon fiber. It is rumored that Herr Stuck managed a 7:49 time on the Nurburgring putting it 1 second faster than the M3 CSL and over 15 seconds faster than the E92 M3 (source).

“El Camino” E30:

What’s this? Oh, right:

E36 M3, er, Touring:

Which is a bit of a misnomer, because when you think BMW Tourings, you tend to think of these:

Or these— wait, what?

Hat tip to Brandon! Thanks m8 :)

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~ by motoringconbrio on April 7, 2011.

13 Responses to “The weird and wonderful”

  1. I was wondering when you guys would cover this. Amazing place. It’s proof that heaven does exist.

  2. Those look a lot more like BBS Motorsports e28 wheels than LM’s. The face is very convex, and they can be had in magnesium. I love mine!

  3. The thing that really blows me away with the X5 is how it has like absolutely no body roll, despite its high center of gravity. So nuts!

  4. It must be hard to be an engineer at M and not be able to send a lot of the cars seen here to production! Disappointing that the X5 Le Mans wasn’t produced – kinda like the Audi R8 V12 TDI concept.

    • here’s a question for you: are the modern day x5 m and x6 m watered down – but nonetheless spirtual – successors to the x5 lm that never was? in other words, the cars they were somehow able to get greenlighted about ten years later?

  5. The sound of that V12 is incredible!!!!

  6. The red one is probably the M version of the E36 compact (e36/5), not a touring…

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