What we're listening to now: How Soon Is Now edition

Taking a quick break from cars with this— so good, even all these years later. Like a lot of people, this was our introduction to The Smiths. Imagine our shock (displeasure, initially), then, to discover that as far as gateway drugs went, “How Soon Is Now” was the farthest of outliers, sounding like nothing else that had flowed from the pen of guitarist Johnny Marr (who composed the vast majority of the music for his band). We would grow to love their entire discography, but nothing else had quite that same initial spark— “How Soon Is Now” sort of took your breath away with its tortured brilliance.

A rather extraordinary version from Versailles. Adapted for live instrumental performance (and not without difficulty), it’s revelatory in how organic and flat-out tuneful – almost joyous – it sounds, as Marr gets to stretch out his legs. This is the version that should have appeared on “Hatful of Hollow”:

~ by velofinds on November 14, 2010.

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  1. Awesome! How good to hear the song. Smiths fans who are car guys are a rare breed indeed. Thanks.

  2. I was a big fan of your site before, but now I might have to become a groupie! I was playing “Rank” in the car on the way to work this morning 🙂


  3. glad to hear this is resonating with some folks! the non-car posts [on what is first and foremost a car blog] are always a tossup— the thought in the back of your mind is “will anyone care?” as you click ‘Post’…

  4. such a cool song from a great band.

  5. Wow, that brings back memories of when I was younger, poorer, not married, didn’t have a car, and was desperately in love with someone who didn’t know I existed. Strange times and powerful memories.

  6. this deserves to be here, and then some. god, so good.

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