Your daily weirdness awesomeness: Elan.. shooting brake?

Oh shooting brake, how we love you. We only wish we had a better picture of this (and more of it), because quite frankly, the awesomeness meter is off the charts. Sadly, it was a one-off custom build, so we are not likely to see another one like it anytime soon.

There is this other one here (though it’s not as nice— in our opinion).

Image: Helmut Schnug (

~ by velofinds on August 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Your daily weirdness awesomeness: Elan.. shooting brake?”

  1. Wow. Who went through the trouble to do all that custom fiberglass work? Was that done by the factory or an individual?

  2. According to one of my Lotus books, North London dealer Hexagon of Highgate built these in 1972.
    The conversion entailed cutting away the rear of the body and then bonding the estate car portion on, with the aid of a jig. This new superstructure was double-skinned, insulated and reinforced to take the tailgate. New internal mouldings formed the luggage area behind the seats and trim and bespoke side window glasses were then fitted, before adding the Reliant Scimitar tailgate glass and wash-wipe. It was quite expensive for the time at 595 Pounds, and only two were built.

  3. now for sale, this!

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