Nineties-era Porsches (and a Ferrari) in Taiwan

But the most important common denominator between them is not their country of domicile or the automotive era that produced them, but the singular shapeliness of their derrieres. Two different looks, both so very right.

Images: Nomos Lee

~ by velofinds on August 6, 2010.

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  1. The F355 was the last Ferrari I really found breathtaking. Every car they have made since has been overstyled except maybe the Maranello.

  2. this is in taiwan

  3. I agree with the 355 comment for sure. I also have to say it wins the looks contest here. I know it’s “functional” at speed but I can’t get into the pop up spoiler.

  4. Somebody needs to explain to me one day why did Porsche abandon those amazing and signature rear lights so typical of 911 since 1964. My prediction is that they will eventually return to this in a futuristic and stylistic way. In this respect I was right about those silly headlights on the 996 that I predicted they will abandon.
    Oh, wait, I already know the answer. It has something to do with that imbecile Wendelin Wiedeking. :-/

    Even Ferrari returned to their signature round rear lights after the 348, and remains so on every model since. They understand the art of heritage design iconography.

  5. The 997 C4S has the rear light band across the rear similar to the 993 – looks fantastic over the standard C2 rear lamps

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