GTV-6 par excellence

As part of a piece on affordable enthusiast cars, the IEDEI blog has put up a picture of a GTV-6 that we’re having a hard time tearing our eyes away from. From the Ronals and the aggressive stance (the wheels perfectly filling in those arches), to the motorsport touches like the Plexiglas window vent and single headlight delete, to the wonderful greyish-sage green color (topped off by the de rigueur Quadrifoglio Verde), this just might be the most desire-inducing GTV-6 we have ever seen. Where do we sign up?

And of course, if you have yet to be sold on the car…

~ by velofinds on August 4, 2010.

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  1. My friend knows the guy who owns that one. He is in the Detroit area.

    • I would be interested to know what is underneath the body of this GTV6 ? It seems to have a roll cage and a straighten chassis but the engine is the 2.5 V6 or something bigger ?

  2. Not only does it have the sweet color, the rare Ronal rims, but it is lowered, has the Euro bumpers, and has all that ugly plastic trim removed from the rocker panels, revealing the design as it was intended by Giugiaro. It really is the hottest GTV6 I know of, IMHO

  3. i remembered posting this one as well, which is also very nice: (tenth from top)

  4. I should stop reading this blog…’cause I swear, one day, it’ll make me do something stupid. Like buy an Alfa.

  5. Oh, and take a look at the first photo on this page 🙂

  6. mamma mia!

  7. That color is mesmerizing, like a gloss version of a fighter jet’s paintjob

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