Senna. NSX. Suzuka.

Your three need-to-know words. This famous – and above all, poignant – footage needs no introduction, so we’ll let it do the talking— not much more to add, really.

Another. Different look, but just as stirring:

~ by velofinds on July 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “Senna. NSX. Suzuka.”

  1. I had a feeling we would be talking about this soon….

  2. YES

  3. I hate when they dub music over the sound of the car..espeically when it’s 90’s jazz..

    • agreed just about 99% of the time, but i think it’s oddly period correct and not inappropriate here. i find it to be not out-of-step with the footage itself.

      but i certainly understand – and agree with – that sentiment the overwhelming majority of the time, which is why the straightforward second clip is sort of a welcome contrast.

  4. Despite the nusic, I think the video of senna in his racing suit is better strictly because he’s obviously doing shakedowns versus just a hot lap for the press like the second video. Kinda cool to see him involved in development.

  5. I love that he is wearing driving loafers in the second video.

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