There is such a thing as being too low

The question is, does this 964 fall under that category? Sure, it’s sexy as hell (if a bit unsubtle), but at what practical cost (if any)?

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~ by velofinds on July 14, 2010.

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  1. It’s fine that low as long as you’re carrying the car to and from the track with a trailer. Otherwise, driving on normal roads you may as well look forward to replacing the bumper every few thousand miles.

  2. i guess my question was more to do with suspension geometry than about any impracticalities of daily driving. rock chips i don’t mind (they are unavoidable), and i can (and currently do) drive slow over railroad tracks, speed bumps, etc.- it’s part and parcel of driving a lowered car.

    but even at that ride height, i do believe there are ways to correct suspension geometry. i’m just wondering if being that low is considered less than optimal from a performance perspective, regardless of the fact.

  3. Good thing the motor is in the rear. Otherwise…. who needs an oil pan anyway/ 🙂

    Looks wonderful though.

  4. Worth it.

  5. I’m not in a position to speak on its driving practicality, but aesthetically the ride height is great. It’s the wheel size that’s the problem. They’re too tall and skinny. If there’s one thing a Porsche should have, it’s wide meats in the back. What are those, 9″s?

  6. At that height the suspension has to be so taught that one bad bump and you’re juttering off the track.

  7. I have been lucky enough to own a 964 in the past with mildly lowered and stiffened suspension. Even though the handling was fantastic, 99% of the time this setup was very annoying and uncomfortable. I would avoid at all cost setups other than stock standard. This particular example is totally ridiculous; you will want to sell it after two weeks’ ownership.

  8. Suffer for fashion. If its not rubbing its cool. I’m no suspension guru, but race cars are low. Stock height on a 964? no way. I’m not sure any car at stock height is low enough.

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