Rallye Golf

Long overdue post on the Rallye Golf. A peach of an example, too, with beautiful – flawless, really – paint, timeless three-piece BBS RSs, and a narrow-angle VR6 shoehorned into the engine bay. Enthusiasts and students of Volkswagen history will know what this is; for the uninitiated, it’s basically the R32 before there was the R32 (to put it simply but crudely), only far more exclusive (and with a lot more street cred):

In 1989, the Rallye Golf appeared as a rallye “homologation special”. Distinguishable by its box-flared wheel arches (similar to the Audi quattro, BMW E30 M3 and Lancia Delta Integrale) and rectangular headlamps, this model featured Syncro four-wheel drive, and a G-supercharger version of the injected 8 valve 1.8 litre engine. 5,000 cars were built in Volkswagen’s Brussels, Belgium, plant, priced at about DM 50,000 each (or roughly twice as much as a base Golf GTI). The Rallye Golf has 161Bhp (source).

A bona fide classic.

Images by Matt Stanton

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  1. Wow. That is badass. So who invented that style of Fender flare? VW, BMW or Lancia?

  2. A VR in a Rallye body? Some things should just never be done…

    • I don’t have especially strong feelings about this conversion, though I do appreciate the idea of keeping a rare car like the Rallye relatively stock (of course, it doesn’t hurt that I think VRs sound fantastic). On the other hand, I do think, for example, that E30 M3s should retain the stock S14.

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