The people’s choice: BMW E9

Given the enduring popularity of one of our older posts on the BMW 3.0 CSI (one of our consistently high hit-generators), we thought we’d give our viewers what they want and provide more E9 goodness.

We certainly have to agree that the E9 is just about one of the prettiest, classiest, and most appealing cars ever, even when pitted against the stiff competition of… other vintage BMs. To wit: it’s more stately and mature than the Neue Klasse likes of the 2002, and less bloated, boat-like, and, well, ’80s (Members Only, popped collars and all that), than the E24. And that’s no knock on either the Neue Klasse or the E24 (or the ’80s!), because we love them all.

[Speaking of which, here’s a random factoid we came across recently: GM’s Bob Lutz, who, as you may have heard, is still in the headlines to this day, did a stint as EVP of sales at BMW in the early ’70s and had his hand in, among other things, developing the E24 as well as the perennially class-leading (in terms of sales as well as reception from the automotive press) 3-series. Fascinating stuff, coming from Mr. GM himself (if it is indeed true).]

Like many of the cars you see on these pages, we would more than love to own an E9 someday. And we’d love nothing more than to then pass it on down to our kids. It would be an honor- this is easily heirloom-worthy stuff.

Now, enough talk- on to pictures.

Photo credit: (from top) Kirk Teetzel, Yan Alexandre, Shaun Porcar, Jurrie Vanhalle, Langé, T. Merkle, KillerPM, Moricz Peter, Malcolm Edwards, Pieter d’Haens

– Gyro

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