E90 and friends doing their thing

We spent a day last week up at Lime Rock! While it wasn’t the road course (unfortunately), we still had fun on the long autocross course (what the Brits might call a “handling circuit”) and skid pad. This gent in particular displayed some mighty impressive car control behind the wheel of an E90 M3.. that car was a treat to watch, as well as to photograph. It sounded great and looked perfectly in its element with the tail hanging out at every opportunity.

This E46 M3 was also very fine:

As were these Z4 M Coupes:

“A fine day was had by all.”

Image credit: us

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~ by motoringconbrio on April 23, 2013.

One Response to “E90 and friends doing their thing”

  1. i love the e90 m3.
    a hugely under-rated m-car that imo with it’s more balanced handling is a better drive than the 2-dr.
    they depreciate much more heavily than the 2-dr so are also a bargain to boot.
    shame that most i have seen are optioned with the 2-pedal dct transmission.

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