Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Dear God, yes:

Image credits (where available): daniele, itsthatthing,,, not your muse, alexis-goure, iedeiblog, benphillipsdesign

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~ by motoringconbrio on February 4, 2013.

11 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. I love wagons as much as the next gearhead. Perhaps more. But four Forester photos?

  2. Ooof. That shot of the two E30s made my pulse quicken.

  3. STI Forester is a dream car. Thumbs up.
    What is that late model Audi hatchback!?
    I need a classic Mini in my life. MCB, make that happen please.

    • The late model Audi hatchback is Audi’s “quattro concept” from 2010 – a revival of the ur-quattro.

  4. Would love to have a G-nose Z!

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