Now this is our idea of a comparison test

Agree with the editors, who wisely declare that there are no real winners and losers in this bunch. Still, we are a bit surprised by their choice at the end.

Don’t know which magazine the article came from – or when – but we believe it’s the now-shuttered UK publication Performance Car magazine.


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~ by motoringconbrio on December 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “Now this is our idea of a comparison test”

  1. Haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet and I already know it’s the best piece of magazining ever. Best 4some comparo ever.

  2. I’ll take the Lancia in a second.
    On a side note, if I hear one more British auto journo complain about “Italian Ape” driving position I am going to scream. I wonder if in Italy journalists complain of Anglo-Saxon Yeti driving position or something.

  3. Where are the cossies ?

  4. Here is the problem I have always had with the Quattro. Outside it looks and seems very special.
    Inside the car, and even in the engine bay, it all feels and look like any cheap VW and old Audi from the early 80’s. You even get that feeling in an old 944 or 924. Nothing really wrong with it, and the Quattro is an amazing machine – it just doesn’t *feel* very special living with it. The BMW (and to some extent the Lancia) from the same age has a much more “special” and solid quality feel about it which adds to charisma.

    • Inside the car, and even in the engine bay, it all feels and look like any cheap VW and old Audi from the early 80′s. You even get that feeling in an old 944 or 924.

      an interesting observation, and in fact, another reader once said something very similar about the 924:

      After going for a ride in the passenger’s seat of the Porsche, you will quickly realize that the two cars have totally different characters. The Porsche, with its simple four-pot engine, is very reminiscent of a VW Scirocco. You feel that almost the moment you grab the door handle to get in.


      as we know, the 924 was originally intended to be badged and sold as an audi!

      • That is true, however, I am not totally against shared parts-bin cars. Especially the 924, the Porsche everybody loves to hate. I have quite a soft spot for 924s. It is just that VW-Audi components at that time felt a little flimsy compared to BMW.
        As an example, I used to drive a 1982 BMW 518i and there-after a 1984 944. Despite being a Porsche, the quality was, and *felt* inferior to the slightly older mass-market BMW.

  5. Timely article, I’m looking at an E30 M3, quattro or 968 CS.
    Pretty sure it’s not from the original Performance Car as theres a reference to Gene Hunt, who came along way after PC died.
    I think the title was revived a few years ago ?
    Answered my own Q…

  6. Yes, its from PC v2.

  7. I’ll part with my E30 when they manage to pry the keys from my cold, dead fingers. Dozens of cars (a few 500+hp ones too) have come & gone, but the M3 remains the one I’ll never sell. It really is that good. Great article!

  8. many of you may have already seen this, but this is always fun to watch:

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