This is the most amazing thing with five doors we have come across in awhile

Holden Commodore SS V Sportwagon (we think) in a brilliant metallic green finish, lowered on tough black powdercoated wheels and looking rather seriously badass. Bradley (he of the Automobiliac) noted once that Australia gets all the good stuff (considering it reaps the best of what Japan, Europe, as well as its own domestic market have to offer), and this stunning example certainly does nothing to alter that notion, at least for us. This (the HSV/GXP variants, anyway) is a car, after all, that routinely draws E39 M5 comparisons from the automotive cognoscenti, and was even (famously) said to have been benchmarked against that very BMW by GM themselves.

Oh, what might have been.

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~ by motoringconbrio on November 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “This is the most amazing thing with five doors we have come across in awhile”

  1. Don’t be mistaken. It’s just a pontiac for Aussies. Relatively boring, they’re more or less agricultural.

  2. no kidding? i thought i was looking at the ss:

    a 6.0L v8 and 6mt sound pretty – no, really – good to me.

  3. Whereas down under we figure the Pontiac G8 is just a Commodore for Americans.
    These Sportwagons have really done wonders for Holden down here. With most other locally available brands doing away with station wagons in favour of SUVs, and Ford even discontinuing the Falcon station wagon earlier this year, the Sportwagon has been a winner for Holden sales with their sleek lines sacrificing space for style. The sedan and ute are equally popular, and a bloke in Melbourne has recently started up a backyard business grafting Camaro front-ends onto them.

  4. > and a bloke in Melbourne has recently started up a backyard business grafting Camaro front-ends onto them

    and that, is a perfect summary of where this car sits – the 100% Aussie red-neck, bogan, knuckle-dragging, hoon. Nothing to be proud of, that’s for sure. Cringe.

  5. Those Commodores are really cool, IMHO

  6. What a smokin hot profile! I see a lil CTS-V in there…

  7. Despite what the haters are saying, the hot Holdens represent great value for money. Performance, comfort, space; they are ideal for thier primary market. No longer technical neanderthals either, the latest V8s are also environmentally friendly, capable of running on a variety of fuel blends, including E85.

    Mr Bradley was mistaken, it’s Australia’s’ neighbour New Zealand that gets all the good stuff. With minimal emissions and safety regulations, almost every mainstream car is available in NZ, the only major requirement is right hand drive.

  8. Don’t just hate them because it’s ‘cool’ to do so. I’m neither a Commodore nor a Falcon man, but the wagon variant shown here IS a pretty good looking car. Just to clarify Zac, the Pontiac is a Holden (the Pontiac IS a Holden for Yanks!) and it’s no bad car just cut from the ‘peoples’ cloth is all. Definitely one of the better looking wagons out there right now.

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