Autumn “M2”

One of those M2s – a 2002 with an S14 engine – that we love so much. A really nice example, too, from the rally lights on down to the Panasports and Willwood calipers. Colorado Orange paint? Heck yeah. We love it.

Images by Kris Clewell

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~ by velofinds on October 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “Autumn “M2””

  1. Stunning imagery! Fantastic car!

  2. I love it! Orange really does a fantastic job on this car. However, isn’t the official color Inka Orange if its factory paint work?

  3. Haha! 2 points – you guys got me on that one! assuming its a ” roundie” then you’re spot on.

  4. Oh that BMW could go back and make a back to basics car like this again. The 1 series just does not cut it

    • true enough. i was just digging around for some figures- a 2002 in 1968 cost $2,850. adjusted for inflation, that’s about $18,000 today. inconceivable.

      i believe the spiritual successors to the 2002 – in terms of practical, well-sorted, fun-to-drive cars that are relatively basic and relatively affordable – are cars like the sentra se-r (in the ’90s) and the mkv and mkvi gti (in the aughts), even though the latter is obviously not cut from the same sedan cloth. i don’t think we can ever expect something like that ever again in a rear-drive package.

  5. Also, in 1968 BMW was not the marque it is today and couldn’t command a premium over what they “should” cost. And think of all the technology (for better or worse) that is forced into these cars by regulations. There are 2 “M2″s on Ebay right now. Not as nice as this one, but this one in not for sale…

    • Agreed. In 1968 BMW was just getting back onto it’s feet and hadn’t quite chosen a path of luxury just yet – still being more focused on sport and a younger audience with the Neue Klasse.

      By today’s standards of BMW and with hindsight, $18k for a modern equivalent would be an absolute steal.

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