We feel deeply conflicted about this

So wrong, and yet so right. What would we do if we ever met the owner? Shake his hand and mumble a few words of admiration, probably.


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~ by motoringconbrio on October 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “We feel deeply conflicted about this”

  1. And that is the Indian Ocean…

  2. looks like a pretty posh time if you ask me ;)

    this is taking what looks like a nice daily into a pig pen with subarus and other cheap beaters:


  3. Looks pretty damn perfect to me! They are, after all, meant to be enjoyed! I’m finishing up my restoration of a ’65 Mini and the first event I’m taking it on is the 2-day snow and gravel Thunderbird Rally TSD in February. I promised myself I wouldn’t be precious about the car when it was done…although the amount of money I’ve spent had me doubting myself!

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