Daily driven-look 2002

We’re really liking the look of this Malaga 2002, what appears to be a daily driver. A driver and not a show queen (conveniently overlooking the fact that it was spotted at the tony Greenwich Concours d’Elegance), but still nicely maintained. The blackened grille. The rally lights (temporary painter’s tape notwithstanding). The tastefully lowered ride height. The OEM steel wheels. Some might say the roof bars and luggage rack are trendy (even annoyingly so), but we confess, we like them and think they look great. We don’t even mind the big US-spec bumpers. All in all, looks like a winner to us, and further fuels our desire to get in one of these cars someday soon.

Image: kompressed

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~ by motoringconbrio on June 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Daily driven-look 2002”

  1. That picture is actually from ‘German Car Day’ at the Museum of Trasportation in Brookline Mass. Was a great show!

  2. Is it a standard 2002 or tii? Nice to see people still drive these things.

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